GREAT service. Art was very knowledgeable and fixed all our issues. What once required the service of multiple companies, we were able to resolve with just one visit. Thank you Art and IT innovation. You are definatley our "go to" guys from here on out.

Thanks guys for fixing my computers at my business......Now I'm more efficient than ever !! thanks guys

They were available when needed and did a great job!

I really recommend this place. These guys managed to pull out very important information I had on a laptop that was destroyed. They definitely know what they're doing.

If you all are looking for a great IT Company! RGV Geeks is a great location very helpful and Knowledgeable, also a great location to work for! They have hired some great individuals that are extremely knowledgeable, Art and Reenie are great technicians and Iris has the best customer service back at home office! Hand down best location!!!!!!

Took my son's gaming pc and they cleaned it and had it up and running by the next day. Very knowledgeable people and I'll highly recommend them to all my friends and family!!

My MacBook needed batter to be replaced. I contacted Art and they quickly ordered battery and replaced for me quickly. I highly recommend their services.

Got the problem solved quickly, was very helpful and was very resourceful. I take all my Laptops and Computers here.

The only place I go to when my computer is needing repairs done. Very professional service and gets the job done fast!

I woke up this morning with my wireless printer off-line and not working. I tried to solve this problem on my own but had no luck. That is when I called RGV Geeks. They fixed the problem quick and conveniently over the phone. They gave very easy instructions to follow so i could help them access my computer to fix the WiFi network setting. All this took an easy 5-10 minutes and my printer was back online. :) They also explained that working with wireless can be convenient, but it can sometimes be tricky and to be aware when changing certain setting. Helpful tips for future reference. !!! Thank You RGV Geeks for all your help and for always providing excellent service.

Excellent, professional service! Thank you for helping us resolve the issue! Two thumbs up! :)

Nothing less but great service from RGV Geeks. I will not take my MacBook anywhere else but these guys. Service is always on time and any issues I may have are always resolved. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

I had a great experience when I needed to update my software for my MacBook. They are very efficient with their work and attempt to work as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend the RGV geeks to family and friends!


RGV Geeks always exceeds my expectations!!!! I've brought several machines to the techs at rgv geeks and they continue to impress me with their computer skill and knowledge! Great Job guys!!!!! I will definitely be back!

My MacBook was locked and in a bad condition, these guys said they would fix it in two days , they ended fixing it in one ! Thanks for the speedy service guys! :)))

After accidently dropping my hard drive on a Saturday afternoon, it worked one last time when I went to class on a Monday morning but as I was getting ready to save some updated work, the computer I was working on recognized the drive but the drive was not responding. I talked to my instructor and he tried to get the drive to work but with no success, He is very knowledgeable when it comes to computers and computer components. Unfortunately, at this point all my class work and previous work for all my other classes and assignments were totally gone. I was feeling very disappointed and so I search online for some answers to my problem. I found several out of state companies that might be able to recover my data, it was going to take weeks, over night paid shipping and lots of money to recover my data, a little over a 1000.00 dollars and as a student in College, this was not an option. I searched for someone local and amazingly I found these Professionals to help me. They said that they would give it their best effort to recover the data, the agreed to not charge me if they were not able to retrieve any data, thankfully they did an amazing job working on the drive and were able to get it to work and retrieved some of the most important assignments and work from the drive. I am so very thankful and relieved that all those months of hard work was not completely lost. This company, RGV Geeks is very professional, they would call me daily to report on the progress. I know that they were very busy with other projects but they still took the time to make me feel like I was their only customer. They charged me a very reasonable price, in fact it was less then what they had quoted me over the phone. If you have any problems or want to upgrade your company's network, these are the Professionals you need to contact. They earned my business for life. Thanks Rick & Art. RGV Geeks is the best.......

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